How Much Do Dermal Fillers Cost?

How Much Do Dermal Fillers Cost?

December 20, 2022

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The average cost of dermal fillers depends on many different factors such as the type of filler you’re getting, how much filler you’re getting, the injector’s experience, and more. Face fillers cost anywhere from $500 to $1,300 for 1mL of product. If you’re looking for dermal filler injections in the Minneapolis metropolitan area, the Metropolitan Skin Clinic offers fillers and wrinkle treatment in a professional yet comfortable setting.

What Affects the Cost of Dermal Fillers?

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As you can imagine, every patient and clinic is unique so it is impossible to pinpoint one specific cost for dermal fillers. There are many factors that go into determining the dermal filler cost and it is subject to change based on many factors.

#1 Qualification of the Individual Administering the Fillers

So how much do fillers cost? One thing to keep in mind when doing your research is that you’re not only paying for the cost of the filler itself, but you’re also paying your injector based on his or her level of expertise and experience. If you’re going to an injector who is highly experienced, such as someone with decades of experience and many qualifications, you can expect to pay more for the filler. There are also some nurses who specialize in dermal filler injections in addition to other injectables including Botox.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when searching for an injector is to choose someone who is qualified. Searching for a good deal might be appealing at first, but you run the risk of getting a botched filler procedure that might not last as long as when executed by a seasoned professional. Metropolitan Skin Clinic is led by our licensed and certified instructor in cosmetology and your beautiful results will speak for themselves.

#2 Geographic Location

Another factor that impacts dermal fillers cost is the location of where you’re getting them. The location of your provider, how many dermal filler injectors there are, and how in demand the services are will all have a significant impact on price. The cost of living in major metropolitan areas can drive up the costs of fillers compared with prices in smaller cities.

#3 The Area You’re Having Treated

You can expect the cost of dermal fillers to fluctuate based on where you’re getting the injection. There are different types of fillers made from different substances, each designed to work well in a particular area of the body. Some people get filler in their cheeks, lips, chin, or marionette lines. Under-eye fillers are another option. Your injector will be able to tell you specific prices for filler based on your aesthetic goals.

#4 The Type of Dermal Filler

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As we mentioned above, it’s important to know how to choose the best dermal filler to help meet your goals. If you’ve never gotten dermal fillers before, know that there isn’t one single filler that’s suitable for everyone and in every location, and this impacts the dermal filler cost. We’ve outlined only some of the most popular dermal filler options on the market.


Our Juvéderm® injectors often recommend this product as it is one of the most well-known types of filler on the market:

  • This product has a base of hyaluronic acid and it is known to have long-lasting effects.
  • There are specific types of Juvederm such as Juvederm Voluma for the chin and cheeks, Juvederm Vollure for nasolabial folds and around the mouth, or Juvederm Volbella or Juvederm Ultra Plus for lip augmentation.
  • It is the only FDA-approved filler that’s designed to last up to 12 months following the initial injection. Keep in mind, as with the majority of dermal fillers, that regular applications are recommended for those who want to achieve long-lasting and prominent results.
  • Juvederm is highly suitable for those who want to treat moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles and folds.
  • How much is Juvederm? On average, Juvederm costs around $550 per syringe; in some patients, only one syringe is suitable for treating lines around the lips, however, other treatment areas might require two or more syringes.


Another type of filler that’s popular is Bellafill which is sometimes referred to as Artefill. This dermal filler is made from bovine collagen and biocompatible microspheres:

  • Over time, Bellafill becomes more effective as it works with your body’s natural collagen levels. Each application helps to achieve greater results;
  • This is a popular option for those who want to treat acne scars;
  • As with the majority of fillers, Bellafill can be administered in a single appointment and the results will be immediate;
  • In terms of FDA approval, Bellafill is known to be an ideal alternative to more temporary fillers;
  • How much are fillers such as Bellafill? On average, it costs around $1,000 per syringe, and how many syringes are needed depends on the individual and the treatment area. On average, patients pay around $2,600 for Bellafill injections.

The Restylane Family of Fillers


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In your search for filler, you might have come across a series of products that are housed under the Restylane brand. All of these fillers are known for their efficacy in addition to how easy they are to administer:

  • Similar to Voluma, Restylane products contain hyaluronic acid, meaning the body will naturally break down the material over time.
  • Restylane products are known to be incredibly effective for treating lines such as nasolabial folds. These develop between the nose and the mouth and can sometimes be stubborn to treat.
  • These fillers cost anywhere from $550 to $800 per syringe depending on the specific product that’s being administered. For example, Restylane Lyft produces different effects from original Restylane and Restylane-L; they’re made up from different sized particles.
  • Restylane Lyft is ideal for treating deep or severe wrinkles due to its makeup and the depth at which it is administered.
  • Restylane-L has many similarities to the original Restylane regarding efficacy, however, it contains a numbing agent to help minimize patient discomfort.
  • For patients who want to increase the volume of their lips and minimize the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth, Restylane Silk is often preferred. This product costs anywhere from $700-$800 per syringe.


Volbella is a product that Juvederm produces. It is a hyaluronic treatment designed to minimize the signs of aging, particularly around the lips:

  • Patients seek Volbella to further enhance the contours of the lips and reduce visible creases in the lips and surrounding areas. At the same time, Volbella helps to reduce the level of facial swelling after the procedure, making it an ideal option for those who want a faster recovery time.
  • How much is a syringe of Juvederm, particularly Volbella? On average, this product ranges from $500 to $700 per syringe. As the targeted treatment area is smaller, many patients only need one syringe per treatment. However, your provider will be able to give you specific advice regarding how much filler is ideal to meet your aesthetic goals.


Voluma is another member of the Juvederm family. This filler is designed to help improve the volume loss that occurs around the cheeks and the cheekbone:

  • Voluma has hyaluronic acid which is a protein naturally found in the body. It has long been used to treat various skin issues and concerns.
  • On average, Voluma costs anywhere from $900-$1200 per syringe although most patients need more than one syringe to achieve their ideal results.
  • Patients spend roughly $2,600 on Voluma injections but the cost can reach up to $4,000 for some patients.



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Although Belotero is also made from hyaluronic acid, the product is very thin that’s commonly used for off-label treatment underneath the eye:

  • Generally, these injectable fillers can help improve the appearance of lines and folds in the facial skin;
  • Belotero is often used in the cheeks, nose, lips, chin, and around the eyes;
  • Belotero lasts for 6-18 months depending on the type of product that was used and the area that is being treated;
  • On average, patients pay $625 for one syringe of Belotero although the specific prices depend on the injector and their level of experience.


Radiesse is another type of filler on the market that’s made from calcium hydroxylapatite, an ingredient that’s naturally found in your bones. Specifically, it is made from calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) compounds that add volume to the treatment area. The average Radiesse fillers cost is $1,050 but specific prices vary on many factors:

  • Radiesse is ideally used to treat deep facial folds while plumping the appearance of hands that are showing signs of aging;
  • Radiesse is considered to be a long-term filler with results lasting about 15 months depending on the patient.


Another type of filler to consider is Sculptra. It is a poly-lactic acid dermal filler that is used to add volume to the face:

  • One unique aspect of this type of filler is that it helps to stimulate your own collagen production to help produce long-lasting results;
  • It is often used to smooth facial wrinkles and augment the cheeks;
  • Sculptra lasts at least 2 years but many patients experience even longer-lasting results.

The RHA Collection

A newer filler option on the market is called the RHA Collection. It is made from hyaluronic acid which offers three different formulas designed to treat different areas and produce different results.

#5 The Number of Syringes

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While one syringe of filler might be suitable for some people depending on their aesthetic goals and the product that they’re using, other people might require more syringes. For example, treatment that targets particular areas of the face such as the jawline or cheeks often requires more than one syringe to achieve symmetry and balance. So, how much is a syringe of filler? It ranges anywhere from $500 but it can get as expensive as $1,000+. Your provider will be able to better determine how many syringes you need.

#6 How Long Your Filler Lasts

As the cost of facial fillers can be a dealbreaker for some, many patients are pleasantly surprised with how long different types of fillers can last. Depending on the type of dermal filler that you choose, some can last for years at a time. The majority of filler formulas that are used for jawline filler and cheek filler such as Juvederm, RHA, and Sculptra last anywhere around 1.5 years but can also last up to 3 years.

However, facial fillers that are used in more mobile areas of the face usually metabolize faster than when used in less mobile areas such as the cheeks. The best way to extend the efficacy of the filler is by getting routine touch-ups throughout the year to maintain the foundation of the original injections.

Are Dermal Fillers Worth the Cost?

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The cost of fillers for the face and other areas is no doubt a significant factor in whether or not to move forward with this procedure. As the fillers for face cost is steep, many patients begin to wonder if getting dermal fillers is worth the high price tag. Of course, the decision is ultimately yours. Here are some factors for you to consider:

  • Fillers provide long-lasting results that can often make you feel more confident in your own skin. Even if you invest in top-tier skincare products to combat insecurities and signs of aging, these are a lot more temporary than simply investing in the right injections. Consider the long-term cost of buying expensive skincare versus getting filler and the costs might be more similar than you think.
  • The proven results from dermal fillers are another significant reason that they’re so popular. Many skincare products claim to help achieve certain benefits, but not many of them live up to these expectations. In reality, topical creams can only achieve so much compared with the proven efficacy of dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are known to help patients achieve definite and noticeable results, making them an appealing alternative.
  • The recovery time surrounding dermal fillers is not significant. Unlike surgical procedures that might require you to take at least a few days off of work, if you get filler, you won’t need to experience long-term side effects or downtime.

Are Cheap Dermal Fillers Worth It?

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Even though the price of dermal fillers is higher than some people would like to pay, cutting corners and finding a cheap filler provider will only result in long-term frustrations and complications.

The cost of face fillers often aligns with the quality of the work that you’ll receive. If you’re willing to cut corners to save money by finding an injector who doesn’t have a ton of experience, you could end up with a botched filler job that will end up costing you more pain and money in the big picture. If you find a filler price that is far below the average price that you can find from other providers, it could reflect poor-quality ingredients or a practitioner who isn’t skilled or qualified to provide you with the filler.

The bottom line is that it’s important to be incredibly cautious if you are quoted a price that seems too good to be true. If you opt for this path, you could find that the treatment isn’t as effective and the results don’t last as long. There could also be side effects and complications that you didn’t know would happen.

In Conclusion

Although dermal fillers can be costly, they help to produce definitive and quality results that last a long time. Contact Metropolitan Skin Clinic in Minnesota to learn more about our dermal filler options in addition to our other injectables and services. Please note that we gladly offer financing options for your skin treatment to make sure you can always look and feel your best!

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