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Volbella in Edina, Minnesota

Volbella in Edina, Minnesota

Just a little extra volume in the lips can make a huge difference in filling out your smile. VOLBELLA® XC is a Juvéderm filler specially formulated to augment lips, smoothing vertical lines and giving you a gorgeous, plump smile.

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Volbella Details

What Is Volbella Treatment?

What is Volbella and what is Volbella used for? It is an FDA-approved dermal filler from Juvéderm made with hyaluronic acid, which is already naturally found in the body, making it safe to use. It is commonly injected into the lips to treat fine lines and wrinkles, as well as a downturned smile. Volbella can also fill in wrinkled earlobes and tech necks, give you a fuller pout and even take care of dark under eye bags.

Whether your lips are lined due to age or smoking, or if your lips are just a little too thin for your taste, with just a few easy injections of Juvéderm’s Volbella, you will see significant improvement in their appearance. Lips, or any other treatment area including the neck, earlobes, or under eyes, will look fantastic without being unnatural or puffy, making the Volbella cost well worth it.

What Does Volbella Treat?

Lip Lines

Wrinkles on your lips come with age, smoking, and other environmental factors. An injection of Volbella lip can help fill in those lines, leaving you with hydrated, youthful lips.

Downturned Smile

If your smile turns down at the corners, Juvederm Volbella might be the answer! With a small injection of Volbella into the corner of your mouth, we can turn that frown upside down.

Small Lips

You can kiss thin lips goodbye with a few simple injections of Juvederm Volbella. This filler solution will effectively plump up your lips over time, giving you a fuller smile.

Tech Neck

As we age and stare down at our phones and various screens, fine lines form on the neck to form “tech neck” or “necklace lines.” Volbella can help smooth out these lines, giving your neck a cleaner, fresher appearance.

Under Eye Bags

Hollow tear troughs, also known as under-eye bags, dark circles, or sunken eyes, are a problem for many people. Volbella injections can help fill in that space and ensure your under eyes no longer look dark and exhausted. Not everyone is a candidate for under eye injections. A consultation is required first.

Wrinkled Earlobes

If you’ve noticed your earlobes are wrinkled or sagging, injections of FDA-approved Juvederm Volbella can help improve their appearance, leaving your ears looking young and beautiful. Many notice over time that ear piercings deepen and hoollow and gravity causes the weight of earrings to sag. Filler injected around the piercing can rejuvenate earlobes making them look their best and more able to hold more firmly any pair of earrings.

Book a Consultation

Book a Consultation

Please select a virtual or in-person consultation or call us (952) 288-2230

Cost of Volbella


We offer Juvederm Volbella at only $800 per syringe, with most lip treatments requiring .5-2 syringes to get the full, luscious lips you are aiming for.

Tear Troughs

Though it depends on the intensity of the under-eye hollows, it’s estimated that each under eyelid will require .5-1 syringe at $800.

Tech Neck

With Volbella at only $800 a syringe, you can say goodbye to those pervasive wrinkles on your neck from staring down at your phone.

Book a Consultation

Book a Consultation

Please select a virtual or in-person consultation or call us (952) 288-2230

Volbella Treatment Near the Twin Cities

You can stop searching for “Volbella near me” because Metropolitan Skin Clinic in Edina is ready to help! Our practiced team of registered nurses will help you achieve gorgeous, kissable lips that don’t look too overdone and fake.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Volbella

Are treatments painful?

Our treatments are not painful! Volbella contains a very small amount of lidocaine, an anesthetic that will reduce any potential pain. Not to mention, at Metropolitan Skin Clinic, our Injectables team will make sure to maximize your comfort through the whole procedure.

How many sessions for Volbella treatments will I need?

You may need one-three sessions to achieve the results you are looking for! Come in every 1-2 years for fresh injections to maintain the desired effect.

How long will my results last?

Your results will last 12-18 months! When you start to notice your lines, bags, or wrinkles have returned, you can schedule a touch-up appointment!

Will I look natural?

Absolutely! Our skilled team of registered nurses have extensive experience with fillers. They can subtly enhance your lips to make them look fuller but still realistic and natural.