Lamprobe in Minnesota

Lamprobe in Minnesota

Lamprobe treatment is an efficient and effective method of treating a number of minor skin irregularities, like skin tags and milia. The lamprobe, or hyfrecator, works quickly and non-invasively to improve the appearance of skin using high radio frequencies.

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Lamprobe Details

What Is Lamprobe Treatment?

But what is a lamprobe and what is lamprobe treatment exactly? The process is pretty simple and does not require the skin to be penetrated.

The lamprobe releases high radio frequencies that are then converted into heat. With heat, blood and other liquids are naturally brought to the surface, which in turn helps reduce the appearance of the irregularities. The heat also vaporizes any remaining cells, allowing new cells to grow in place to restore healthy, glowing skin.

The treatment will take less than an hour, usually between 15 and 45 minutes, depending on the scar, and the downtime afterward is minimal.

If you’re wondering about any negative affects and what to expect after lamprobe treatment, the answer is: not much! You might see some redness, and possibly some irritation, and you will likely start scabbing in the treated area. Don’t pick at or scratch the scab, as that will slow the healing and could result in a scar forming.

What Does Lamprobe Treat?


The lamprobe can help lessen the appearance of milia, which are most commonly found on and around the eyes and cheeks.

Skin Tags

Skin tags are a common occurrence, but that doesn’t make them any less frustrating. Hyfrecator/lamprobe treatment is a non-invasive way to safely remove even the most stubborn skin tags.


Getting rid of raised fibromas on the face and body has never been easier or more effective than with lamprobe treatment.


Angiomas are benign, but they’re also noticeable due to their bright red color. There has been great success using lamprobe treatment to significantly diminish the look of cherry angiomas as well as spider naevi.

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Book a Consultation

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Cost of Lamprobe

If you’re ready to take care of your skin tags, milia, or other minor skin abnormalities, we offer our restorative lamprobe/hyfrecator treatment for only $350 a session.

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Book a Consultation

Please select a virtual or in-person consultation or call us (952) 288-2230

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What our patients are saying about Lamprobe in Metropolitan Skin Clinic

What our patients are saying about Lamprobe in Metropolitan Skin Clinic

Love it!! Excellent service, nice people, reasonably priced!!

Ilona M.

Lamprobe treatment near me

If skin tags or angiomas are starting to bother you, you can stop searching for “lamprobe treatment near me.” Our team at the Metropolitan Skin Clinic is ready to help you take care of these pesky bumps in minutes!


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Frequently Asked Questions About Lamprobe

Is Lamprobe a one-time treatment?

Lamprobe is generally a one-time treatment, but more sessions will be beneficial in improving the look of skin irregularities.

Are treatments painful?

Lamprobe is not a painful treatment, it’s been described as a slight pinching sensation in the treatment area. At Metropolitan Skin Clinic, we have the expertise and experience to ensure the treatment is as comfortable as possible.

How to prepare for Lamprobe treatments

There is no preparation required for this treatment. Avoid extended sun exposure and use lotions on the area before the procedure, and you’re ready to go!

Is Lamprobe safe for any skin type or color?

Lamprobe is perfectly safe for every skin type, tone, and color. Thanks to its advanced technology, the lamprobe works effectively no matter your skin.

What areas can Lamprobe treat?

Lamprobe can be used anywhere, including the face, decollete, back, neck, and elsewhere.


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