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Telangiectasia, Broken Blood Vessels & Spider Veins Treatment in Edina, MN

If you suffer from varicose veins that make you insecure, our team at Metropolitan Skin Clinic is here to assist you. Our experienced team can assist you with treating spider veins, also referred to as telangiectasis, a skin condition that results from dilated blood vessels. You might notice enlarged vessels on your cheeks, nose, legs, or other parts of your body.

Regardless of the cause, we will put together a customized treatment for your telangiectasia. Our laser specialists have considerable experience with this condition and each treatment is tailored to your specific skin problem.

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What Causes Telangiectasia on the Face?

There are many causes for widened blood vessels; they can result from a skin condition such as rosacea or from an underlying immune system disease such as scleroderma, lupus, or dermatomyositis.

Other causes may include:

  • Age
  • Genetic predisposition or a family history
  • Chronic exposure to extreme temperatures
  • In some cases, even pregnancy
What Causes Telangiectasia on the Face?

What Telangiectasia Treatments Exist?

Thankfully, there are multiple treatments available to treat this often inherited disease, and it won’t resolve without some sort of treatment. Laser therapy and laser treatment for spider veins are often the most popular options and can be used on blood vessels located on the cheeks, forehead, neck, chin, and more. It works by heating the red-pigmented cells in the vessel that ultimately seal off and collapse.

Facial spider vein removal and facial redness are often easier to treat than telangiectases located on the legs and thighs. In some cases, treatment for telangiectasias involves sclerotherapy injections that are relatively painless.


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Our Facial Telangiectasia Treatment Options

We know that no two patients are the same and we will work to develop a customized treatment plan. At Metropolitan Skin Clinic, we can help treat everything from hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia to sun-damaged skin. Here are some ways that we can improve facial telangiectasia.

Halo Laser Treatments

Fine-tuned technology helps to “sizzle shut” the small veins without causing damage or scarring to the overlying skin. This makes it an ideal treatment even for those who have skin sensitivity or soft tissue problems. Once you and your doctor have identified the targeted areas, you will lie in a reclining position and put on a pair of safety goggles. To minimize any discomfort, the doctor will use a tool that gently blows cool air. The ultraviolet light is emitted in short sequences and most patients describe the sensation as a small slap of the skin. Even though there is a bit of discomfort during a Halo treatment, it is always short-lived and many patients report that the pain is not as much as they anticipated.

BBL Laser Treatment

Another one of the best treatments for facial veins is using a BBL laser. BBL stands for broadband light therapy and it works to heat the upper layers of the skin. Compared with traditional light therapy, BBL uses a laser that doesn’t have as intense light. During this laser treatment for spider veins in the face, the heat causes the unwanted blood vessels to dry up and disappear, helping to reduce the redness in the broken capillaries. As a result of the heat, the skin cells start to dry and eventually flake off, allowing new and healthy skin cells to rise to the surface. The result is a beautiful and natural-looking glow.

laser treatment for spider veins on face

What our Patients Are Saying about Broken Blood Vessels on Face Treatment in Metropolitan Skin Clinic

What our Patients Are Saying about Broken Blood Vessels on Face Treatment in Metropolitan Skin Clinic

I’ve been a loyal fan of the Metropolitan for almost 10 years now, and I have never been disappointed with the results. I’m turning 60 next year and someone at work (34 years old) asked me what my skin routine was, she thought I was at most in my early 40s. How fabulous is that! Love you guys!!

Cynthia G.

What our Patients Are Saying about Broken Blood Vessels on Face Treatment in Metropolitan Skin Clinic

I’ve been going to the Metropolitan for year and have always had a superior experience. Great atmosphere, customer service, and results! Suzanne is the best–nothing over the top. I totally trust her work. I’ve tried others, and had not only bruising, but less than optimal results. I love the Metropolitan.

Elizabeth L.

Telangiectasia Face Treatment near Minneapolis

If you’re looking for treatment for spider veins in the face, our team at Metropolitan Skin Clinic is here to assist you with all things clinical dermatology. We proudly serve the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas, assisting with everything from vascular disorders to skin-disease-causing patches. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help!


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Frequently Asked Questions About Telangiectasia Treatment

How many spider veins treatments will I need?

Usually, spider veins themselves disappear in 3-6 weeks, however, you might need anywhere from 2-3 treatments to get the results that you want. Our team will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan.

Are telangiectasia treatments painful?

Laser therapy, such as those that target telangiectasia and other connective tissue diseases, is usually straightforward. Usually, the process is generally harmless for most patients and any discomfort is short-lived. The recovery time is also minimal, allowing patients to return to their lifestyles shortly after treatment.


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