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Laser Scar Revision in Minnesota

Laser Scar Revision in Minnesota

Laser scar revision is the most effective method for lightening and reducing the look of scars without resorting to surgery. Whether it’s for a scar from a fall or you require acne scar revision, the cost of laser scar revision is well worth it for outstanding results.

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Laser Scar Revision Details

What Is Laser Scar Revision?

Scars are an indication that a wound has healed, whether that be from surgery, acne, or even just a childhood injury. They are often red or even purple in color and are noticeably textured differently than the surrounding skin, which is why many choose to get laser scar revision.

Exactly what is scar revision? Laser scar revision is a non-invasive, FDA approved laser treatment that is used to quickly and easily treat scars on any skin type and tone.

But how is scar revision done? It utilizes a fractional laser and sends pulses of light that serve to break down scar tissue and then trigger the collagen production and the natural healing process. This will ensure the development of new and healthy tissue, and this new tissue will be closer to the natural texture and color of your skin, making it stand out less. Laser scar revision is a quick and easy procedure that involves little to no pain and minimal downtime.

Advantages of Laser Scar Revision Compared to Other Treatments

There are many benefits to laser scar revision over other forms of scar removal. Firstly, the scar revision laser is non-invasive and the procedure is very simple. It’s also a quick treatment with minimal discomfort. Not to mention, there will be visible improvement with each session and little to no downtime afterward. But one of the greatest advantages of this treatment over others is that HALO laser works on multiple layers of the skin in the same procedure time, which is especially helpful if you require more noticeable facial scar revision.

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Book a Consultation

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Cost of Laser Scar Revision

Every scar is different, so we personalize every treatment plan for your individual needs. We’ll sit down with you to discuss the best plan to improve the look of your scar, as well as its cost.

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Book a Consultation

Please select a virtual or in-person consultation or call us (952) 288-2230

What our patients are saying about Laser Scar Revision in Metropolitan Skin Clinic

What our patients are saying about Laser Scar Revision in Metropolitan Skin Clinic

Holly knows what’s she doing and I’m getting excellent results.

Kyle H.

Laser Scar Revision in the Twin Cities

If you’re sick of seeing old surgery scars and haven’t had good results when you’ve searched for “scar revision near me,” we can help. Located in Edina, in the Twin Cities, Metropolitan Skin Clinic is the place for you.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Scar Revision

Is it painful?

Laser scar removal can be somewhat painful! At Metropolitan Skin Clinic, we make sure to make the process as comfortable as possible for you. Depending upon your procedure there may be numbing agents and gas available to ease the pain. Most people experience a great deal of heat during and immediately after the procedure, but then it abates as the healing begins.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions you will need depends on the size of the scar and its color. You might need two sessions for a smaller scar, or a couple more for a larger, more prominent scar.

How to prepare for laser scar removal?

Before laser scar removal, avoid using any creams or lotions on the area, as well as direct and prolonged sun exposure.

What should I expect after treatment?

After treatment, you will see some swelling and redness in the area. Fans and ice will help soothe any discomfort, as will a topical healing cream. Make sure to follow the after-care procedure that your provider gives you.. Also, speak to one of our specialists to determine the best products to use afterward.

Are the procedures safe?

These procedures are absolutely safe! Aside from a few minor, temporary side effects like redness and swelling, there are very few risks to laser scar removal. The procedure may be slightly unpleasant, but the effects are dramatic and lasting.