Nourishing Your Skin from the Inside Out: Summer Nutrition Tips for Healthy, Radiant Skin

Nourishing Your Skin from the Inside Out: Summer Nutrition Tips for Healthy, Radiant Skin

July 03, 2024

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At the Metropolitan Skin Clinic, we spend a lot of time educating ourselves on how to best care for your skin in the summer months. Sunscreen, Vitamin C serum, and hyaluronic acid-based moisturizers are all a great start—and it really helps, especially in the summer, to pay attention to how vital it is to work from within to give your skin a beautiful summer glow.  More water than usual, and for sure, paying attention to proper nutrition are critical. Along with getting enough sleep.  

We tend to burn through more calories and nutrients during summer, so replenishing what you have lost is very important. At Metropolitan, we believe that nutrition comes from within, giving the skin the incentive that it needs to shine. Keep reading to find out exactly how you can do that!

Top Nutrition Tips to Consider

You are what you eat, and for the skin to be healthy, it needs to draw nutrients from your diet. To effectively nourish your skin, here are a couple of nutrition tips to consider:

  • Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water is perhaps the most important thing you can do for your body, especially as you sweat a lot during summer. As your skin gets dehydrated, it will try to counter this effect by producing more sebum. This increases the likelihood of acne and inflammation, making you more prone to irritation. Good hydration also keeps the skin elasticity in tip-top shape, which makes it necessary to prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Focus on Antioxidants

Antioxidants are great for skin resurfacing and free radical protection, and you often get the necessary nutrients from retexturizing creams. You can reap even more benefits by bringing them into your system, complementing your skincare routine. Be sure to consume foods with antioxidants like berries, dark chocolate, green tea, kale, and even coffee.

  • Consume Healthy Fats

Not all fats are bad for your body – healthy fats can keep the skin supple, moist, and firm. The skin thrives on omega-3 fatty acids, but as your body cannot produce them on its own, you need to get them through the foods you consume. These healthy fats come from seeds, nuts, avocados, and fish, but supplements can also help you get the right amount in your system.

  • Go for Zinc

Zinc regulates your growth hormones and keeps your endocrine system balanced. You can get them from dietary supplements or foods like flax seeds and egg yolks. A diet rich in this mineral can promote clear skin, as hormonal imbalances are the leading cause of excess sebum. In the end, zinc could help you gain more control over your acne breakouts.

Beyond-the-Surface Treatments

Treating the skin from the inside out is not always related to your diet. It can also mean reaching deep into the epidermis to trigger a rejuvenation process. Below are some tips that go beyond the surface levels of your skin and protect it from damage:

1. Trigger Your Collagen Production

Collagen keeps the skin tight and wrinkle-free, but with time, the skin loses its ability to produce it naturally. You can increase collagen production with procedures like microneedling. For an extra boost, you can also get a SkinPen® with PRP treatment, which uses your own plasma to nourish the dermis.

2. Opt for Nourishing Treatments

Nourishments are better absorbed when infused with a special technique. Procedures like the HydraFacial® can cleanse the pores, making it easier for serums to reach deep into the dermis. As the formulas are also customized, you can give the skin the nourishment it needs.

3. Wear Sunblock at All Times

Lastly, UV rays are the leading cause of premature aging, as they can break down the collagen bonds within the skin. The right kind of sunblock can keep the nutrients in the skin safe, helping the skin stay healthy and radiant for a longer time. 

Take Care of Your Skin All Year

Skin health comes from deep within the body. You can give it the nourishment it needs and trigger the healing action in your epidermis for a long-term glow. At Metropolitan, we can offer nutritional skincare advice while providing deep treatments that go beyond the surface. Follow us on Instagram for more tips and tricks to restore skin health!


To learn more about nourishing your skin from the inside out, contact Metropolitan Skin Clinic at 952-288-2230. We can offer you all the guidance to ensure the skin gets what it needs to thrive. As an alternative, we invite you to visit our website or set up an appointment through our portal.

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