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Lip Lines Treatment
in Minnesota

The lines that appear around your mouth as you age have numerous names, including smokers’ lines, lipstick lines, and lip lines. Even if you have never smoked, you can develop these difficult-to-conceal lines.

There is a treatment for lip lines, however. At Metropolitan Skin Clinic, we offer the most effective lip lines treatment options available. Keep reading to see what our lip treatment for lines can do for you.

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What Is Lip Lines Treatment?

What are lip lines? They are vertical lines that form right above the upper lip. Lip lines can look different for everyone, but they can form on the lip itself or the skin above the upper lip. The lines above the lip are usually more noticeable than those on your lips.

What causes lip lines? The most common lip lines causes involve the aging process. When you pass your 20s, collagen and elastin — the proteins that keep your skin firm and provide elasticity — start to break down. Since collagen and elastin production decrease with age, your skin does not have the hydration and elasticity to bounce back into place, leading to wrinkles and lines.

Sun exposure can also cause lip lines because it breaks collagen and elastin proteins down. Other causes can include repetitive puckering movements, such as those smokers make, and excessive alcohol consumption.

To treat lip lines, we recommend fillers, microneedling, chemical peels, or laser therapies.

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How to Treat Lip Lines

Lip lines can be treated in the following ways:

Lip Line Fillers

Lip line fillers can help reduce the appearance of those fine lines. We use Juvéderm Volbella to fill in your lips for a plumper, smoother look.

Microneedling for Lip Lines

Microneedling lip lines are another effective option that triggers your body’s natural healing process by creating tiny pricks on your skin with fine needles. Microneedling boosts collagen and elastin production by making the body create new tissues.

Chemical Peel for Lip Lines

We offer a chemical peel for upper lip lines as well as for lower ones. The treatment exfoliates your skin, removing dead cells and revealing a new, smoother layer.

Laser for Lip Lines

Laser skin resurfacing is also effective for lip lines. Laser treatment for lip lines works by removing a fine layer of skin, making the wrinkles on that layer with it. A new skin layer forms with diminished wrinkles.

Cost of Thin Lip Lines Treatment

Costs of treatments vary. Expenses for the most popular treatments are as follows:

Lip Line Fillers

For treating lip lines, we use Juvéderm Volbella, which costs $800 per syringe. We may use up to 2 syringes for lip lines, depending on their severity.


One session of microneedling at our clinic costs $350, but you can save money by purchasing four sessions for only $1050. How many sessions you will need for optimal results depends on the depth of the lines.

Chemical Peels

We offer our Transformation Peel, which is ideal for treating fine lines, for $395. It can offer the deep peel you may need to diminish lip lines. You also receive a take-home kit for home care.

Laser Treatment

We offer Halo laser sessions to treat fine lines for only $1,500 or a set of two sessions for $2,500. During these sessions, we will also offer topical PRP to help stimulate collagen production.

Lip Lines

Our Featured Lip Lines Treatment

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

1 Session

45 min



every 4-6 weeks

120 min

Halo Laser Treatments

Halo Laser Treatments

1-2 Sessions

90 min

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What our patients are saying about Lip Lines Treatment in Metropolitan Skin Clinic

What our patients are saying about Lip Lines Treatment in Metropolitan Skin Clinic

Nikki is very skilled, gentle and talked me all the way through the treatment.

Nikki communicated with me every few hours after the treatment.

Lisa W.

What our patients are saying about Lip Lines Treatment in Metropolitan Skin Clinic

Loved how she talked to me every step of the way, and always asked how I was doing.

Lisa M.

Thin Lip Lines Treatment Near Me

Stop your search for “laser treatment for lip lines near me” or any other treatment options for your lip lines. When you turn us at Metropolitan Skin Clinic, you can get effective options for treating lines and wrinkles.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Lip Lines Treatment

What Is Post-Treatment Care Like?

If you choose fillers for lip lines, you should avoid blood thinners for up to two days after the injection. Make sure to use ice packs and avoid exercising or very hot temperatures.

For microneedling, you want to gently wash your face and avoid makeup for at least 24 hours. We also recommend you use sunscreen at all times.

For chemical peels, avoid exercising, saunas, and steam rooms for a few days, wear sunscreen and don’t exfoliate. If you choose laser treatments, we will give you a gel to apply to the treated areas and show you how to keep the areas clean.

Are Treatments Painful?

Some people feel discomfort with fillers, but it is momentary. For many, microneedling feels like sandpaper rubbing against their skin, but we also apply a numbing cream to reduce discomfort.

Chemical peels can create a warm sensation on your skin, and you may feel some stinging. For deeper peels, we will provide sedatives.

Laser treatments cause mild discomfort, but no pain, and we’ll do our best to keep you as comfortable as possible.

How Can I Prepare for the Procedure?

For all of these treatments, you should stop taking blood-thinning medications and avoid alcohol the day before the procedure. Come to the appointment with no makeup on and a clean face.

Will I See Results Immediately?

It can take up to 48 hours to see the full effects of fillers, while the optimal results from microneedling appear after four to six weeks. Chemical peel results can take just a couple of days, and laser treatment results can take anywhere from three weeks to a few months.

How Long Does Recovery Take?

With fillers, you can expect to recover within a week. Microneedling recovery takes just 24 hours, while chemical peels can take between 7 and 14 days. You can expect the laser recovery to take anywhere from 5 days to 3 weeks.