Why MOXI<sup>TM</sup> Is the Best Laser Treatment for Darker Skin Tones

Why MOXITM Is the Best Laser Treatment for Darker Skin Tones

February 20, 2024

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When it comes to treating skin colors above IV on the Fitzpatrick scale, darker-toned individuals had limited options available. For instance, melasma is very common in patients with darker skin tones, but specific lasers can lead to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. As a result, in an attempt to treat their condition, many people end up exacerbating it.

Technology has improved in the past few years, and laser treatments are no longer always considered damaging to each skin tone…you just need to find the one with the correct wavelength! MOXITM laser has proven to be an efficient option for individuals of darker shades, and we’ll expand on the matter in this blog.

What Is MOXITM Laser?

MOXITM is a fractionated laser with a gentle action that lightens and refreshes the skin, offering a “prejuvenating” effect. The treatment is often employed to reduce visible signs of aging and leave behind a more even skin tone, creating a radiant look after just one treatment.
This non-ablative 1927nm fractionated laser works directly with your body to trigger a healing process. Damaged cells are automatically removed through your lymphatic system, making it a practical option for pigmented lesions. The gentle heat also triggers natural collagen production, reducing imperfections like fine lines and wrinkles.

What Makes It Different from Other Lasers?

Most lasers target melanin pigments in the skin to reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation, breaking their bonds and evening the tone. For instance, ablative lasers can target the melanin clusters and break them down, causing them to be naturally filtered out by the skin.
While this effect is good for light-skinned individuals with little pigment, it can be problematic for those with darker skin. This is because the laser might not be able to distinguish the good melanin in the skin from the bad kind in the affected area. As a result, while you may notice a reduction in pigmentation in the target area, the surrounding skin could also be affected.
MOXITM is different because instead of targeting the melanin, it goes for the water within the cell. The generated heat occurs within, thus not affecting the upper layers of the skin. This starts a natural production of collagen, which has a restorative effect and can eliminate dark spots and other signs of aging.

What Can MOXITM Treat?

MOXITM is known as a “prejuvenating” treatment because it is most often used to prevent common aging signs from appearing. This includes fine lines, large pores, brown spots, and volume loss. Used regularly, it can help offer a smoother complexion and even skin tone in individuals of color. That being said, this treatment can also help reduce the intensity of symptoms caused by collagen loss, including acne scars and wrinkles.

Since MOXITM only targets the melanin indirectly through the water cells, the treatment is frequently used for pigmentation concerns like sun damage, melasma, and uneven skin tone. Because it does not cause micro-injuries in your skin like other lasers do, it may also be used to treat scarring and hyperpigmentation.

With MOXITM, the potential for side effects and downtime is much lower when compared to other lasers. This means individuals with dark skin should be able to see results after three to five weeks, during which they receive weekly treatments.

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MOXITM laser can be a very effective choice for individuals who have a darker skin tone, as it doesn’t pose such a danger of burning. With the chances of hyperpigmentation being lower, men and women with dark skin can use it to reduce various concerns without the associated side effects. Contact Metropolitan Skin Clinic and set up an appointment for MOXITM laser!

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