Understanding Chemical Peels: Types and Benefits for Your Skin Type

Understanding Chemical Peels: Types and Benefits for Your Skin Type

May 29, 2024

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Chemical peels are used for skin resurfacing, rejuvenation, and reducing imperfections. At Metropolitan Skin Clinic, we know your skin needs to be freed of dead skin and dirt, allowing the healthy cells to shine and give you a noticeable glow. Not only can a chemical peel reduce surface imperfections, but it can also offer long-term skin improvement benefits. 

You can use different chemical peels depending on the imperfections you want to address and their severity. We believe that making a careful choice can bring you closer to your aesthetic goals!

What Is a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a procedure that uses a chemical solution to trigger the skin’s peeling process. The top layer of the skin naturally sheds off every month, but a chemical peel speeds up the process. Within a week or two, the top layer begins to flake or peel off, revealing the healthy skin cells underneath. 

Chemical peels come in different depth levels, depending on how damaged the skin is. Light peels are a good choice for those who have superficial damage like skin tone issues or enlarged pores, whereas medium peels are mostly recommended for hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. Those with deep wrinkles and skin elasticity problems might benefit from deep chemical peels. 

Types of Chemical Peels Offered at Metropolitan Skin Clinic

Depending on the depth level you require with the peel and the imperfections you want to correct, there are different types of chemical peels. Here is our offer: 

  • Transformation Peels

If you are looking for a good, medium-depth chemical peel to correct imperfections and improve the quality of your skin, then you can rely on transformation peels. Mixing 10 percent of azelaic acid, phytic acid, and lactic acid each, these peels are highly beneficial if you are dealing with pigmentation. Whether you have hyperpigmentation or melasma, the peel can shed the excess melanin, leaving radiant skin behind. 

  • Metro Peels

If you want a relatively light chemical peel that can unclog your pores and reduce imperfections, then the Metro Peel can be a good choice. This peel has more salicylic acid (14 percent, to be precise), making it a beneficial option for those with frequent acne breakouts. The 10 percent azelaic acid in the formula can deeply cleanse your pores and exfoliate the skin, whereas the one percent retinol wipe gently reduces impurities. The addition of seven percent arbutin makes it effective not only for pigmentation but also for excess redness.

  • Retexturizing Peels

Those with deep pores and scarring could significantly benefit from the retexturizing peel. It contains 37 percent Azeloyl TCA and can offer deep exfoliating benefits when treating melasma and other pigmentation issues. The 17 percent retinol in the formula can reduce oversized pores while diminishing the instances of acne inflammation. The 2 percent retinol also offers significant anti-aging properties. The retexturizing peel can restore the balance if you are dealing with acne scars or pigmentation or have skin prone to breakouts.

  • Retinol/Glycolic Peel Wipes

Women and men looking for a gentle treatment to reduce the signs of aging could benefit from the Retinol/glycolic peel wipes. These peels are not as intense as most types, making them perfect for beginners or those patients who have sensitive skin. If you have an oily complexion prone to breakouts, retinol peel wipes can reduce the inflammatory lesions, leading to an even-toned skin. They can also reach deep into the pores to effectively reduce oil build-ups.

Get Your Chemical Peel Today!

A chemical peel can deeply rejuvenate the skin, reducing surface pigmentation and aging signs. At Metropolitan, we offer various chemical peels to obtain your desired effect. Meanwhile, you can check our Instagram for tips and tricks on how to care for your skin. 

For more information about chemical peels and what type would work best for your skin, please contact Metropolitan Skin Clinic at 952-288-2230. We can assist you in your choice, so you make the right one. You may also visit our website for more information or schedule an appointment to receive the treatment.

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