Top Facial Laser Procedures to Get You Ready for Warm Weather

Top Facial Laser Procedures to Get You Ready for Warm Weather

April 16, 2024

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We are all joyful for warm weather, especially after a cold winter. As the sunshine becomes more and more courageous and consistent, we are more daring with our outings, planning our spring break excitedly. While filling out your activity planner, it’s always a good idea to focus some of that attention on your skin.

At Metropolitan Skin Clinic, we know how precious this time is for you and we want you to enjoy it to the fullest. We’ve found that laser facials can significantly improve skin quality, so we’ve selected a few procedures you are bound to benefit from. Let’s see what they are!

Spring Is the Best Time for Laser Treatments

As the weather gets warmer and spring break draws closer, you can expect to spend more time outdoors than usual. Since sunshine can be potentially damaging, laser procedures can improve the skin barrier, protecting against free radicals. Once we apply a laser treatment, not only should your skin be smoother, but it should also be protected against UV rays (with added sunblock of course!).

At Metropolitan Skin Clinic, we also believe that laser is a good option in springtime due to the minimal potential for intense sun exposure. This is important because you shouldn’t spend much time in strong sunlight after a laser treatment. While the weather is getting warmer in spring, it’s still not intense enough to cause too much damage. We do recommend you still wear sunblock, as it protects the skin.

Best Lasers for Spring-Ready Skin

There’s no better moment for getting a laser facial than now! At Metropolitan, we recommend using the following treatments for firmer and stronger skin!

1. BBL® Photofacial

The sun offers you a sun-kissed look that you might love, with the appropriate exposure. That said, the sun’s UV rays also accelerate the aging process by breaking down collagen bonds. This is why we advise our clients to stay ahead of this by getting BBL® Photofacial treatments.

Our professionals at Metropolitan Skin Clinic use this treatment to deliver a special type of intense pulsed light (IPL) to your skin to heat the top layer. This activates the healing system of your skin, which starts a new production of collagen. We also use the procedure to clear pigmentation marks.

2. ForeverClear BBL® 

Acne is a very common occurrence, especially as the warm days are drawing closer. Sweat can trap dead skin and bacteria in your pores, which can cause blemishes to appear in a matter of hours. However, we can recommend a solution to keep the skin in its best shape!

To ensure clear skin throughout your break, our providers at Metropolitan recommend the ForeverClear BBL® treatment. This laser acne treatment enters your active breakout and kills the acne-causing bacteria while reducing oil production in your sebaceous glands. Since warm weather can increase your oil production, our treatment can help you get ahead of it.

3. SkinTyte® 

Remember what we said about the UV rays causing you to lose collagen? Left alone, this can lead to the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, along with skin sagginess. This is why we advise you to prepare for your vacay using laser skin tightening.

Whether you want to decrease the size of your wrinkles or reduce your jowls, our SkinTyte® laser treatment can effectively improve elastin and collagen production. So, yes, the weather gets warmer, but your skin barrier potentially improves, preventing you from getting as much visible damage. We do advise regular maintenance treatments, as the sun never stops throwing rays your way. 

Get Your Laser Treatment at Metropolitan Skin Clinic!

Warm weather is supposed to be enjoyed to the fullest, which is why environmental damage should be the least of your concerns. We are here to ensure your skin is prepared enough to handle the change in weather, allowing you to enjoy spring break. Visit us at Metropolitan Skin Clinic, and we can find a laser procedure that works best for your needs! For more tips, you can hit a quick follow on our Instagram, where we always offer valuable insight.


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