Anti-Aging Treatments: Innovations and Options Available at Our MedSpa

Anti-Aging Treatments: Innovations and Options Available at Our MedSpa

June 19, 2024

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Skin aging is a natural process, which causes a reduction in collagen production as the years pass. While topical treatments have effectively prevented wrinkles and fine lines, advanced medical technologies can help reduce them. 

At Metropolitan Skin Clinic, we believe that advanced technologies like lasers can help restore your youth and enhance your beauty. Read our blog and discover what innovative options are available at our MedSpa!

What’s New in the Anti-Aging Industry?

Anti-aging procedures have seen multiple improvements over the years, the greatest breakthroughs being in the use of laser treatments. Recent high-tech solutions have developed ways to make lasers safe for individuals of darker skin tones. Thus, nowadays, the different wavelengths, and pulsed technology deal as little damage as possible. 

These treatments are often accompanied by stem cell-based serums to reverse aging and other anti-aging technologies. When used in the right combination, these treatments can keep signs of aging at bay for longer.

Latest Technologies for Anti-Aging Benefits

At Metropolitan Skin Clinic, we pride ourselves on bringing new advancements the moment they appear. Should you be looking for anti-aging technologies, we offer the following options: 

  • HydraFacial® With LED Light Therapy

HydraFacial® has gained a lot of popularity over the past couple of years due to its exfoliating and nurturing benefits. However, for those seeking the extra beauty benefit, we recommend the HydraFacial® treatment with LED light therapy. The addition of light-emitting diodes (LED) can offer a boost to cellular performance, accelerating tissue repair. 

Treatments are accompanied by high-end serums that can be customized for every skin condition. We use antioxidants, HA, and peptide-rich serums to reverse the signs of aging, leveraging the developments in medical-grade skincare. This offers a long-lasting effect, with the results being visible for months after the first treatment. 

  • Halo™ Laser

Halo™ laser is one of the most notable advances in skin rejuvenation and anti-aging, using a combination of wavelengths to trigger cell resurfacing. The dual action of Halo™ promotes collagen production at deeper layers of the skin while prompting the removal of damaged cells. 

To enhance the results of the Halo™ laser, we often combine the technology with broadband light (BBL), providing comprehensive skin rejuvenation benefits. Each person has different skin needs, so we use our consultations to determine the right course of action for you. 

  • BBL Hero™ Laser 

BBL is a favorite for many patients seeking skin rejuvenation, effectively reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and sun damage. In the past, the treatment was only available for treating facial imperfections, but BBL Hero™ (BroadBand Light High Energy Rapid Output) goes past that limit. 

With BBL Hero™, patients can treat the neck, chest, arms, and legs. The applicators offer broader coverage, ensuring faster application. This way, you can use the procedure to reduce excess pigmentation, texture issues, signs of aging, and vascular lesions. It is a versatile treatment that can diminish numerous signs of aging and offer rejuvenating effects that last up to a year or more.

  • MOXI™ Laser 

MOXI™ laser is an advanced technology that keeps on giving. The procedure promotes tissue regeneration by using a 1927-nm fractionated laser that is gentle yet powerful. This helps reduce visible signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines and offers a “prejuvenation” effect. The treatment is gentle enough to be used on dark skin as well. 

We use MOXI™ laser for all areas of the skin, diminishing imperfections like sagging, lackluster skin, or excess pigmentation. We often combine the treatment with other serums or rejuvenating procedures to give you double the beauty boost.

Get Your Anti-Aging Treatment at Metropolitan!

Technology has seen many advancements in the past couple of years, and we are here to welcome them! Our specialists at Metropolitan Skin Clinic can find the right treatment for your needs. Feel free to check out our Instagram page as well, where we post our innovative treatments and skincare advice daily!


For more information about anti-aging treatments, please contact Metropolitan Skin Clinic at 952-288-2230. We can assist you with finding the right treatment to address your skin concerns. Alternatively, you can visit our website for more info or set up an appointment through our portal.

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