Dark Circle Treatment<br/> in Minnesota

Dark Circle Treatment
in Minnesota

One of the first things people notice about you is your eyes. But what if your eyes have dark, hollow circles underneath them? Luckily, there are effective dark circle treatment options to help your eyes look beautiful and well-rested.

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What Is Dark Circle Treatment?

Before we can discuss any dark eye circle treatment, we should first understand what causes dark circles under the eyes. Many people get hollowness and dark circles when they lose tissue as they age. As you grow older, you lose muscle, fat, and even bone— and the first place this is noticeable is under the eyes. On the other hand, if you have bags under your eyes, rather than hollowness, it’s fatty tissue sticking out from your lower eyelid. Either way, shadows fall into these grooves, leaving them looking darker.

What Is Dark Circle Treatment?

Also, when considering what causes dark circles, genetics can’t be overlooked. It’s possible that you have genetically inherited darker pigmentation and more noticeable blood vessels under your eyes.

So how do you treat them? What is the best dark circle treatment? There are a few options, ranging from the regular use of skin care products to laser treatment to dermal fillers that will fill out you’re under eye and make it look less dark and hollow.

Options for Treating Dark Circles

Dermal Filler

Maybe the most popular dark circle under eye treatment, dermal fillers can help fill out your hollow under eye circles, reducing darkness and leaving you looking younger and healthier.

Laser Treatment

Laser under eye treatment can help reinvigorate and even out the tone of your skin, lessening the appearance of bags, hollowness, and dark circles.

Skin Care Products

Another option is using specially formulated skin care products on a regular basis to help lessen the look of your dark under eye circles.

Options for Treating Dark Circles

Dark Circle Treatments - Before and After

Dark Circle After


Dark Circle Before




What our patients are saying about Dark Circle treatment in Metropolitan Skin Clinic

What our patients are saying about Dark Circle treatment in Metropolitan Skin Clinic

Holly is the best! She walks through each treatment and makes sure that any questions I might have are answered. Holly truly loves what she does and that shows with how she cares for her clients!

Stephanie O.

What our patients are saying about Dark Circle treatment in Metropolitan Skin Clinic

Laura is really brilliant with filler. My jawline looks strong again!

Wayne Z.

Dark Circle Treatment near the Twin Cities

If you’ve been searching for “dark circle treatment near me,” you’ve come to the right place. Located in Edina, right outside the Twin Cities, our team at Metropolitan Skin Clinic will help you get rid of those tough dark circles.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Dark Circle

How many sessions are needed?

Your treatment choice will determine how many sessions you will need. If you choose to treat your under eye circles with dermal fillers, you will only need one session, while laser treatment may require two sessions to see the best results. Contact one of our estheticians to learn more about your treatment needs.

What about after treatment?

You may experience some redness and irritation after treatment. Only use gentle products on your skin following treatment.

How long will my results last?

If you choose dermal fillers, your results will last upwards of a year, at which point you may need a touch-up.

Will I look natural?

Our skilled estheticians will ensure you maintain a natural look, no matter your treatment choice.


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