St.James Brand

St.James Brand

The founding of the Metropolitan

Suzanne St. James, one of the founding partners of the Metropolitan Skin Clinic, has worked in the aesthetics industry since 1990. After researching plastic surgeons, she reached out to Dr. Chris Tolan, an award-winning and respected facial plastic surgeon. He was a willing mentor and everyone was impressed with the excellence of his work and style of patient care. They had an immediate connection. In 1996, she started shadowing and working with Dr. Chris Tolan, and this continued for the next 15 years. With the dream of opening a clinic, Suzanne St. James and her business partners opened The Metropolitan Skin Clinic in Edina in 2010. Dr. Tolan serves as the clinic’s Medical Director to this day.

The development of our skincare line

Considering the needs of our patients and the need for products that facilitate pre, during, and post-procedural results, the clinic set out to find or create a medical-grade skincare line. After researching formulating companies, and trying samples from multiple companies, Suzanne finally ran across a brilliant chemist. There was no other company that formulated like him. He had developed a system to deliver stabilized medical-grade ingredients that penetrate down to the dermal layer and documentation to back up his claims. It was the only company’s sample where she saw results in days of using the products. A deal was struck and the St. James skincare line was born.

Metropolitan Today

In 2020 the business was bought by new owners who had a background in entrepreneurship, marketing, and skincare. With renewed focus, including clinic upgrades, new staff, new equipment and a remodel, the Metropolitan Skin Clinic has been rejuvenated and expanded. Building on the experience and expertise of the past, we have also made an investment in continuing education, industry training in techniques and products, research and development, and state-of-the-art equipment. The Metropolitan is focused on results-driven treatment and a patient experience that makes the client feel safe, secure, and pleased with the result of their treatments.


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