Laser Hair Removal: Get Ready for Summer with Smooth Skin

Laser Hair Removal: Get Ready for Summer with Smooth Skin

June 12, 2024

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Laser hair removal is becoming more and more popular, with about 1 million people choosing this procedure every year. When performed at the right moment, this procedure can offer life-changing results lasting for years.

At Metropolitan Skin Clinic, we believe smooth, hair-free skin should be obtained with as little discomfort as possible. For this reason, we recommend permanent hair reduction through laser hair removal, and with summer just starting, now may be the best time to let your smooth legs shine!

Understanding the Laser Hair Removal Process

Laser hair removal delivers concentrated light beams into the hair follicle, targeting the melanin within the strand. Without the pigment, the hair follicle would no longer be able to grow more strands, eventually closing. The laser targets the follicle during an active growth stage, and your body begins to break down and remove the damaged cells over time. 

For laser hair removal to work, there needs to be a hair follicle in the first place to target. For this reason, it is recommended to avoid waxing or plucking the hair four weeks before the treatment. However, we do ask that you shave 24 hours prior to the session to keep the laser’s focus on the root.

Why Get Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal offers a series of advantages, including the following: 

1. Long-Term Results

Through waxing or plucking, the follicle remains despite the root being removed. This allows the hair to regenerate and grow in the next few weeks. Laser hair removal permanently destroys the follicle by warming the melanin and turning light into energy. As there is no follicle to grow from anymore, the results are potentially permanent.

2. Pain-Free

Plucking and waxing can leave smooth skin for a couple of weeks, but the process can be very painful. Additionally, both procedures can lead to ingrown hairs if the strands break incorrectly. Laser hair removal takes away both the pain and potential for ingrown hairs, leading to a more comfortable procedure.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

The average price of a razor is between 5 and 11 dollars. While this might not seem a hefty price now, it can add up if you shave frequently. Most women shave once every two to three days or sometimes daily, depending on their hair growth. Once you stop the hair’s growth with laser hair removal, it can be months or years before you need another session, saving money in the long term.

Things to Consider Before Laser Hair Removal

When performed correctly, laser hair removal can be an effective tool for permanently reducing unwanted hair. At Metropolitan, we advise you to keep the following factors in mind before getting your first session:

1. Hair and Skin Type

As laser hair removal targets the melanin in the follicle, the procedure is most effective for clients with light skin and dark hair. That said, technology has advanced significantly over the past few years, and the procedure may be adjusted for individuals with dark skin. A consultation is recommended to determine a treatment plan.

2. Number of Cycles Necessary

Hair grows in multiple cycles, which means that some strands may remain unaffected during the first session. For this reason, we recommend a series of six to eight treatments, spaced one month apart. This can tackle all the follicles in each of their cycles, leaving smooth skin behind.

3. Sun Exposure

Laser hair removal is much more effective if sun exposure is limited before and after the treatment. We recommend avoiding excessive sun and/or tanning beds one month before the procedure and for the first few days after. Choosing a time when you can stay indoors, seek shade, or wear sunblock can improve your experience.

Get Your Laser Hair Removal Today!

Laser hair removal is an effective alternative for long-term hair reduction, eliminating your reliance on the razor. At Metropolitan Skin Clinic, we have all the resources to ensure an effective laser hair removal process, offering our clients long-term, smooth skin. We also invite you to check out our Instagram, where we post daily tips and tricks for taking care of the skin!


For more information about laser hair removal and its benefits, call Metropolitan Skin Clinic at 952-288-2230. We can give you the assistance you need to ensure you achieve your goals for smooth skin. Potential clients can also visit our website for more information or book an appointment through our portal.

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